5 Celebs we forgot that started from Disney Channel: Erika Christensen: Can of Worms, 1999

Erika Christensen: Can of Worms, 1999

Born in Seattle from Kathy, a building contractor, and Steven Christensen, an insurer, she is the second of four brothers: Nick, the eldest, and twins Brando and Dane, who is also an actor. A mix of Danish, Norwegian, Irish, Swedish, and Welsh blood runs through the veins of this family who moved to Los Angeles in order to guarantee the children’s future in show-business. Erika has debuted in 1999 in “Can of Worms”, a Disney Channel Original Movie directed by Paul Schneider. The film is based on the novel nominated for 2002 Young Reader's Choice and the 2001 Rhode Island Children's Book Awards.


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